marți, 20 decembrie 2011

Carnival Queen 2010

"Carnival Queen" este o superba regina din secolul al XVIII-lea inspirata de Marie Antoinette. Papusa poarta un costum rococo de factura franceza , din doua nuante de matase violeta , este coafata dupa moda epocii , partila repictata si, ca pentru orice bal mascat, accesorizata cu o masca.

"Carnival Queen" was made for a friend of mine. She wished a beautiful 18 century lady, inspired by Marie Antoinette. So I made for her a gorgeous Carnival Queen, dressed in an opulent silk dress hemmed with golden ribbon,decorated with different violet roses and some violet plums, entirely sewing and beaded by hand. She also has a small mask, symbol of carnival. The doll is partly repainted.

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